Things to Do in Portsmouth

Things to Do in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a beautiful coastal destination. It can be a favourite holiday spot for all who love the beauties of nature, diverse museums, coastal life, and historic mansions. It has many unique attractions including the green urban parks, charming harbour, D-Day Museum, Mary Rose Museum and Southsea Castle to name but a few places to visit. You will also love the food and coastal life. If you love spending time on vehicles, then you can have a lot of things to do and explore. You can drive around the coastal area and can enjoy the sea life. If you are planning your next vacation in the Portsmouth, consider the following things to do to have a life-changing experience.

Visit Spinnaker Tower

The view of the Portsmouth from this tower will be exceptional. You will get the feel of the size and scope of the city. From this tower, you can see up to thirty-three miles across the Solent. The best thing is that you will have a high-speed lift to reach the top of the tower and to explore the greatness of this area. If you love architecture, you can look down from the top. You will certainly have a different feeling.

A coastal walk

You can have a coastal walk to have a natural view of the beauties of coastal life along with Portsmouth harbour. The highest point is 120m above the sea level. You can also pay a visit to the designated Site of Special Scientific Interest where you can see a plenty of plants, animals, and some Victorian hill ports.

Consider warship visit

The city has a long history. If you want to understand its history and to have a glimpse of the Royal Navy, you should consider a warship visit. This is the best place to feel the history 800 years back. You will also find a lot of coastal activity in that area.

Explore sea life

It is the perfect place to enjoy the water life. You can take a boat trip around the harbour from the dockyards. You will have an idea of city’s sea defences. The navy boats will be new and different as they keep changing from time to time.

Spend time with sea creature

While visiting a coastal area, you might expect to see unique sea creatures. You might have the rare opportunity to have a glimpse of them. You will see different types of sea chips near the harbour. If you love a short drive, you can head to Emsworth for Michelin-star dining. You will get the top quality meal with the fish as a special food. You will have a plenty of well-known restaurants to satisfy your food craving.

Have a family fun

Portsmouth can be a good holiday destination for your entire family. All of your family members will have a lot of things to explore. They can see the huge buildings, museum, sea life, harbour, and tower. Besides, the city is known for six adventure playgrounds. You will find it near the D-Day Museum. It has a plenty of play areas with the BMX track and Skate track. The kids will certainly enjoy it.

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